Are Permanent Dentures Better than Implants?

Are Permanent Dentures Better than Implants?

Mar 01, 2022

Do you feel stressed about your missing teeth? Today, there are countless dental treatment choices available that restore the beauty and functioning of your smile in no time.

Compared to temporary dentures, permanent dentures provide a great fitting and enhance comfort. They require multiple visits to the dental office o get the customized fit. However, they are typically more costly but less cheap than implants, mainly if you require a replacement of full teeth in the mouth.

Dental implants consist of screws implanted into the jawbone. They replace the roots of real teeth. They are also much more stable and durable. We have done complete research to help you understand the differences between permanent dentures vs. dental implants.

What Are Permanent Dentures?

Permanent dentures near me are a new form of tooth replacement called non-removable dentures or implant-supported dentures. These devices have a prosthetic teeth row linked to a framework.

Fixed dentures are attached permanently to the implants. So, they allow patients to chew, bite, eat and talk without worrying about slipping. Implant-supported dentures consist of two primary parts.

They typically have 4 to 6 implants placed deeply within the jaw. After the Sauk Rapids dentist puts a denture prosthetic with a screw-on top of the implants, it replaces a full mouth speedily.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are considered as best tooth replacement option because they do not damage your nearby teeth and are permanent. They have a prosthetic crown, a screw, and an artificial root created of titanium. The titanium implant is placed deeply into the jaw and appears like a real tooth root.

Implants vs Permanent Dentures: Things You Must Know

Below are the differences between both of the treatments:

1. Cost

Both dental implants and permanent dentures vary in their price. The single implant usually costs between $3000-$5000 in LA. It is beneficial if you need the replacement of one or two teeth.

On the other hand, if you need to replace a large number of teeth, permanent dentures would be a more affordable choice for you. The price of implant-supported dentures ranges between $15000-$25000 per arch.

2. Procedure Complexity

Permanent dentures and dental implants also differ in the complexity of their dental procedure. Those getting permanent dentures will have 4 to 6 implants installed into their mouth.

The recovery time will differ for every patient. However, you should wait for a minimum of 6 weeks and schedule a visit to a dentist near you for a smooth recovery.

3. Lifespan

Both options for tooth replacement are durable. They can stay with you for more than 20 years if you do proper care.

4. Removal of Replacement Teeth

The main difference is that when getting permanent dentures, patients have the option to attach them to the connector. It allows them to eliminate and reinsert the dentures whenever they like.

However, implants are sealed permanently. It means patients cannot eliminate them at any time. Thus, permanent dentures would be an ideal choice for those who want to remove their replacement teeth while sleeping or taking part in other activities. Moreover, there are no permanent dentures available that replace single or two teeth.

Permanent Dentures vs. Implants: Which is Right for You?

When taking into account permanent dentures and dental implants at Smile City, it is essential to consider your situation and unique needs.

Regarding permanent dentures vs. implants, both provide cosmetic dental and health advantages. The dentist in St. Cloud, MN will decide which one is better suitable as your tooth-replacement option.

Get Dentures St. Cloud MN Today to Restore Your Smile

Today, there are many hybrid dental options available on the market to cater to your tooth replacement needs. Permanent dentures and implants shield patients against the loss of jawbone by offering a stable weight on the jaw.

Implants can be expensive and not perfect for patients looking to replace multiple teeth at once. However, permanent dentures are not as versatile as implants.

But they are a perfect way to get the full mouth coverage of dentures along with the durability and stability of implants. So, if you want lost tooth replacement, restore your lost smile by contacting dental professionals at our dental clinic now.

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