Facts About Root Canal Treatment

Facts About Root Canal Treatment

Oct 01, 2020

The mention of root canal treatment sends most people into fear mode. Why? Because it assumed that the procedure is painful. But that is a myth because a root canal is a painless procedure that can save your teeth. Here are five facts to know about before getting root canals near you.

1. It is Done to Save the Teeth and Preserve Dental Health

To understand why a root canal treatment is done is essential to know want root canals are in the first place. Although used to refer to the treatment itself, root canals are part of the teeth.

Our teeth are made of three layers; the enamel, the dentin (gives the teeth the color), and the pulp cavity. The pulp chamber houses nerves and soft tissue that nourishes the teeth in the growth stage. However, once the teeth have attained maturity, they get nourishment from the surrounding tissues. Though the pulp cavity may lose its primary function, it still plays a crucial part in maintaining the teeth’ health. Any bruising (during an accident) or infection of the pulp can be a great pain source. Furthermore, the infection can damage the teeth and lead to an extraction.

A root canal treatment can help stop the infection’s spread by removing the infected pulp and preserving your teeth.

Will the teeth be dead after the pulp is removed? No. Though the pulp is removed, your teeth will still function normally.

2. The Procedure is Fast and Pain-Free

Root canals in St Cloud, MN, can be done in two dental visits and the procedure involves a few steps:

  • Dental assessment and mapping out of treatment process

Our dentist St. Cloud, MN, will first examine your teeth and gums and assess the decay’s extent. Next, he will create a treatment plan, discuss the procedure, the steps involved, risks, and what to expect after the procedure.

Your gums are numbed using local anesthesia to reduce discomfort. If you suffer from gag reflex, phobia, or severe tooth sensitivity, the dentist can use dental sedation. This helps to calm you and ease the discomfort.

  • The teeth preparation and the treatment process

After the teeth are cleaned, the dentist will separate the affected teeth to keep them clean and dry. Next, the teeth are opened and using small dental tools, and the dentist will clean the pulp cavity. Removing the pulp cavity can leave the teeth feeling weak, so that the dentist will fill it with a biocompatible material. A temporary filling is used to cover the teeth and keep them strong.

  • Restoring the teeth function

On the final visit, the St. Cloud dentist will cover the teeth with a dental crown to restore the teeth function and appearance.

3. A few Complications Can Arise?

A root canal treatment helps to ease the pain. However, after the treatment, you may experience dental problems like:

  • Tooth sensitivity
  • Inflammation
  • Swelling of the gums

Some people may also experience uneven bites. The dentist may prescribe pain relievers to ease the discomfort. But, if these symptoms persist for a few days, visit a Sauk Rapids dentist near you for proper treatment.

4. Aftercare is Important

It is easy to recover after the root canal procedure. However, there are a few things that you need to do to ensure the recovery is swift.

  • Eat soft foods in the first 24 hours after the procedure. Avoid hard foods can damage the gums and teeth.
  • Maintain proper dental hygiene to keep the teeth and gums healthy.
  • Ensure you visit the dentist for proper assessment and cleaning to keep plaques and bacteria away.

5. Root Canal Procedure is Successful

Most of the teeth last for a long time after the root canal. However, the root canal treatment can fail because of a few factors, such as:

  • Multiple canals in the teeth that go undetected
  • Nerve and gum bruising
  • Dental crowns that crack or chip that may cause a reinfection

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