How To Maintain Teeth Whitening Results

How To Maintain Teeth Whitening Results

May 01, 2020

Cosmetic dentistry is one of the fields in dentistry that has grown significantly over the years. Every day, one more person gets interested in the idea of modifying teeth for better appearance. One of the most popular ways to achieve cosmetic elevation n your dentition is through teeth whitening near me. How you do it, however, is where the issue arises. There are many ways to whiten your teeth, some more reliable than others.

What Is Teeth Whitening?

It is the process of bleaching teeth to make them whiter than they are. The influence of teeth whitening is always founded on personal preferences of what teeth should look like. However, dentist St. Cloud, MN do not have many reservations about offering this service to patients. The only requirement is for you to have dull teeth or a discoloration that won’t go away with mere regular brushing of your teeth.

What Causes Tooth Discoloration?

Many situations can inspire the need for teeth whitening. It is important to narrow down to the cause of your discoloration, as this will impact the results you get. Some causes of tooth discoloration include:

  • Food stains – drinks and foods that are heavily pigmented tend to stain teeth.
  • Enamel thinning – it results when the enamel of your teeth starts to wear out, therefore, exposing the dentin. The dentin is the next layer of a tooth, underneath the enamel. Since the dentin is duller than the enamel, you will notice changes in the color of your teeth. Enamel thinning can be explained by either aging or acidic foods that corrode teeth.
  • Poor oral hygiene – this greatly contributes to plaque and tartar build-up on your teeth, which discolors them.
  • Medical conditions and medication – some health problems directly affect the state of your teeth, both in color and structure. Besides. The medication prescribed can also discolor your teeth with continuous usage.
  • What Are the Different Ways to Whiten Teeth?

    Teeth whitening can be done in different approaches. This depends on your preference and convenience you are seeing. The different ways include:

    • Whitening toothpaste – some kinds of toothpaste are made for whitening teeth. They have a high concentration of whitening chemicals than regular toothpaste. However, to see the results, you need to use the toothpaste consistently over a certain period.
    • Whitening gels and strips – these are over-the-counter gels and strips specifically made for whitening teeth. They come with a bunch of instructions on how to use them. You should repeat the procedure over a couple of days for you to witness any results. Besides, the effects of the whitening gels will last up to about 4 months, before you need to redo the procedure.
    • Professional bleaching – this is the safest and most effective method. It involves the help of a dental hygienist and a Sauk Rapids dentist. The procedure begins with a thorough dental cleaning to remove all plaque and tartar. Afterward, special whitening gels are used over your teeth. Lasers or ultraviolet light are then used to speed up the bleaching. The effects of professional bleaching last longer than other methods.
    • Dental veneers – if you are conservative about your approach, dental veneers are for you. They feature tooth-shaped materials that are attached to the front surface of your teeth. Usually, they are thin and shell-like. They are merely used as a cosmetic approach to all other teeth whitening approaches.

    How To Maintain Your Results

    There is no particular teeth-whitening method that lasts forever. The results are temporal. However, you can sustain the brightness of your teeth longer, depending on how well you care for your teeth. Some of the tips that can help you retain your white teeth longer include:

    • Watching what you eat – there are particular foods to avoid once you have your teeth whitened. For one, you must ensure the foods are not heavily pigmented. Such foods include wines, coffee, tea, sodas, tomatoes, to mention a few. Other than that, you must also avoid acidic foods. This includes oranges and lemons.
    • Quitting tobacco usage – smoking, snuffing or chewing tobacco can also compromise the color of your teeth.
    • Cutting down on alcohol – increased consumption of alcohol will also stain your teeth.
    • Proper oral hygiene – flossing daily and brushing your teeth at least twice every day should become part of your routine. This will ensure you do not allow plaque to form on your teeth.

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