Same Day Crowns Vs. Traditional Crowns: Pros And Cons

Same Day Crowns Vs. Traditional Crowns: Pros And Cons

Mar 01, 2023

Are you on the verge of joining 15 million Americans who have crowned a tooth or two because of severe decay or damage? Has your dentist given the ultimatum that you either protect the damaged tooth with a dental crown or have it extracted and replaced with a dental bridge needing additional dental crowns? You might worry about the dental crown procedure requiring multiple appointments with dentists and the challenge of wearing temporary crowns over the tooth until the dentist provides the final restoration.

Your thinking is justified because getting traditional crowns is time-consuming, requiring multiple visits to your dentist and waiting three weeks before you can restore your tooth. Fortunately, dentistry advances ensure you can get same-day crowns near you in one appointment with the dentist, providing them using state-of-the-art CEREC technology to fabricate a dental crown before you when you visit the dental office to fix your decayed or damaged tooth.

When you hear about same-day crowns nearby, you might worry about the costs or treatment process. Instead of remaining concerned about the same-day process, it helps if you understand the pros and cons of these two versions of dental restorations because they will help you decide which one is best for your needs.

The difference in the Process of Getting the Same Day or Traditional Crowns

Getting traditional crowns requires at least two visits to the dentist providing them. Expect the provider to x-ray the tooth needing the crown to confirm whether dental pulp infections are not present before preparing your tooth for restoration and taking impressions of the dental laboratory fabricating the crown. You also receive temporary acrylic crowns over the prepared tooth for perfection until the dental lab returns your final restoration.

You must revisit the dentist in approximately three weeks when your permanent restoration has arrived from the laboratory. During your second appointment, the dentist removes the temporary crowns to give your tooth its crowning glory.

When you favor same-day crowns in St Cloud, MN, receive your dentist’s dental restoration in one appointment. Dentists use state-of-the-art technology to capture images of your damaged tooth with a 3D intraoral camera and computer-aided design to create a mold of your damaged tooth.

After creating the mold, the dentist fabricates the crown using a CEREC machine right before you in the dentist’s office to restore your tooth in one visit instead of two. The process eliminates the need to wear a temporary crown in your mouth or return after three weeks for restoration. Instead, you get your dental crown bonded over your tooth in about two hours while you wait in the dentist’s office.

Are There Cost Differences between These Restorations?

You can expect some cost differences between these two restorations because traditional crowns fabricated in dental laboratories tend to cost higher or lower because of the different materials used for making the crowns. Metal crowns are affordable, while porcelain crowns will cost considerably higher. You must also invest more time when restoring your tooth, resulting in wasting time and money. Therefore you can consider traditional dental crowns more expensive than same-day crowns.

When you decide to have the same-day restoration, you spend fewer dollars because one dental appointment is more affordable than two, and you get a reliable restoration over your tooth on the day of your appointment.

Pros and Cons of Same-Day and Traditional Crowns

  • Traditional Crown Pros: Unlike same-day crowns fabricated by dentists in the dental office, traditional crowns are created by laboratory technicians and tend to be stronger than the same-day version. The additional strength of traditional crowns is that different materials like metals, porcelain, and porcelain fused to metal crowns are created by lab technicians. In addition, traditional crowns appear more natural than their same-day counterparts because an expert makes them match your teeth perfectly.
  • Traditional Crown Cons: the biggest con of traditional crowns is the multiple visits you need and the waiting time before you can restore your tooth. It would help if you also endured temporary crowns on your teeth, causing discomfort until you receive your permanent restoration.
  • Same Day Crown Pros: If you want convenience when restoring your tooth, working with the CEREC dentist in St Cloud, MN, helps eliminate multiple visits besides the concern of wearing temporary crowns over your prepared tooth. You don’t need anesthesia in your tooth multiple times before restoring it because you wait in the dentist’s office after tooth preparation or indulging some window shopping before you return to the dentist to have your dental crown bonded over your tooth. Same-day crowns also prevent decay in your tooth that might arise from mouth bacteria getting under temporary crowns.
  • Same-Day Crown Cons: a significant disadvantage of same-day crowns is the strength of the restoration CEREC crown fabricated from ceramic, considered less durable than porcelain. In addition, you may not get the desired shade for the dental crown and may have to spend more time with the dentist when selecting the color. Finally, same-day crowns are not appropriate for everyone, especially if you have a tooth fracture under the gum line.

Whether you consider restoring your tooth with traditional or same-day crowns, you must consider the pros and cons of these restorations before deciding which option is best for your needs.

If you need a dental crown but need more time on multiple visits to dentists, kindly visit Smile City, providing CEREC crowns in St Cloud to restore your tooth in one appointment. However, before you decide, please read about the benefits of these same-day crowns over the traditional variety.

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