Dental Bridges

Dental Bridges in St. Cloud, MN

Has your dentist suggested that you get dental bridges to replace missing teeth?

Dental bridges near you can be used to fill in gaps left by missing teeth provided you have natural teeth on both sides of the space to support the bridge. Nowadays, even if you lack natural teeth, dentists recommend implants which then support the crown. In some ways, implants are even better as they are made of titanium and not prone to decay.

Smile City Dental has a dedicated dental team ready to solve your dental problems and restore your smile with the best dental technology.

How Dental Bridges Work

Our dentist St. Cloud, MN will replace the missing teeth with artificial teeth and attach these to anchoring teeth with the help of caps or crowns. In general, bridges are made of a metal base and consist of crowns and artificial teeth made of porcelain that provides an aesthetic and durable finish.

When completed, a dental bridge is actually a single piece that is fabricated after the dentist near me takes careful measurements of size and shape. When patients want to clean around the gum line under the bridge, they use what is known as a floss threader.

When your dentist connects teeth for a bridge, he or she is making them less mobile, so they are able to support the bridge well. At times, the sauk rapids dentist at Smile City Dental in St. Cloud may crown adjacent teeth in order to connect them together; this is a process known as ‘splinting’ and is fairly common to add stability to a dental bridge.

Dental bridges can be used to replace multiple teeth. For example, replacing a single tooth with crowns on both sides is called a ‘three-unit-bridge or three-tooth-bridge.’ However, this means one tooth is replaced, and the other two refer to crowns on adjacent teeth. Implants can also be used to support the bridge or as replacements for free-standing teeth on their own.

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