Dental Crowns

E4D Same-Day Crowns in St. Cloud, MN

Dental technology has significantly changed the way some procedures are performed and cut the waiting time for dental prosthetics. Sometimes, orders for crowns and other pieces don’t need to go to the lab. One of the services we offer is E4D same-day crowns.

What is a Same-Day Dental Crown?

A dental crown replaces the crown or top of a tooth if it cracks or breaks off. It can also cover a tooth after a root canal. Usually, our Sauk Rapids dentist at Smile City Dental in St. Cloud, MN orders a crown from the dental laboratory, which means waiting up to four weeks to receive it. However, now we can offer same-day crowns to repair or restore your tooth.

A same-day crown allows our dentist at Smile City Dental to place the crown the same day he orders it. We use E4D, which is a technology that allows us to offer same-day crowns in St. Cloud, MN. The E4D system provides the precision that is necessary to make well-fitting dental prosthetics.

It allows us to take scans of your teeth using laser technology to get accurate measurements so that your crown fits as perfectly as possible.

Precise Fitting Crowns

Dental crowns from laboratories consist of a choice of materials, such as ceramic over metal, gold, amalgam, and ceramic. The same-day technology of E4D allows us to offer beautiful, tooth-like ceramic crowns. After it gets placed in your mouth, most people won’t be able to tell the crown from your natural tooth.

The precision of the crown allows our dentist near you in St. Cloud to cement it in place without worrying that tooth decay-causing bacteria can get under the crown. There is always a chance that bacteria can get under a prosthetic and cause tooth decay. If that happens, then the crown would need removing, and you may need a root canal.

Crown Materials

For a back tooth, such as a premolar or molar, a ceramic-over-metal crown or metal crown can take biting pressures better than ceramic.

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