Partials & Dentures in St. Cloud, MN

If you have missing teeth, you can probably still manage your day-to-day activities without much difficulty. However, chances are, it’s inconvenient and uncomfortable, even if the missing teeth are not in a highly visible area of the mouth. Fortunately, there are several options available for restoring teeth that have been lost, whether due to injury or decay. Partials and dentures at Smile City Dental are one option that patients in St. Cloud have for restoring the function and appearance to their smile.

What are Partials and Dentures?

Dentures are dental prosthetics that resemble the natural teeth with the base resembling the gums. They are removable and can restore a smile in both appearance and function. If a full line of teeth has been lost, dentures will be needed, but if there are still some natural teeth remaining, a partial denture can be worn.

Benefits of Restoring Teeth

In addition to allowing you to speak and eat as normal again, permanent dentures near me also prevent the remaining teeth (when there are any) from moving along the gumline. If this happens, the bite could be altered along with the facial structure.

How are Partials and Dentures Made?

Two types of dentures can be used: conventional and immediate. As the name suggests, immediate dentures are made ahead of time and are ready to wear immediately after the teeth have been removed. These are usually temporary, however, as the fit will not be exactly right.

On the other hand, conventional dentures in St. Cloud, whether complete or partial, are made using detailed measurements and impressions taken of the patient’s mouth. It will take a few appointments with our professional dentist at Smile City Dental to ensure that you have a comfortable and secure fit with the dentures. Our dentist St. Cloud, MN will make adjustments to your dentures or partials as needed to give you a smile that looks and feels natural.

Denture Maintenance

Though dentures are only a prosthetic, they still require maintenance to allow you to use them for as long as possible. They should be taken out at night not just to give your gums a break, but also to be cleaned. They should be kept in a container of liquid or denture solution. If left to dry, they could warp, and the fit will be affected.

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