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Tooth Extractions in St. Cloud, MN

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For some patients, the mere thought of having a tooth pulled in St. Cloud can send shivers of anxiety up their spine. Part of that may be due to jokes, cartoons, and comedies that parody the simple dental procedure when, in fact, a tooth extractions near me is one of the most common treatments in modern dentistry, including treatments performed at Smile City Dental.

Why a Dentist May Recommend a Tooth Extraction in St. Cloud

Every patient is unique when it comes to their oral health, so we can’t cover every reason that a dental extraction may be recommended in this summary, but the most common reason is that the tooth has become so damaged from tooth decay or physical trauma that it cannot be salvaged or restored using restorative dental procedures such as dental fillings and dental crowns.

Also, if a patient is experiencing a complication such as impacted wisdom teeth in St. Cloud, MN, Smile City Dental will suggest the extraction to prevent not only pain, but the possibility of the condition worsening in the form of repeated infections, cysts, tumors, gum disease, and damage to neighboring teeth. Although the removal of wisdom teeth is considered a treatment most often performed on adolescent patients, the procedure may be recommended for anyone experiencing the symptoms mentioned.

And lastly, a dentist St. Cloud, MN may recommend extraction in patients who are experiencing overcrowding of their teeth.

How to Prevent the Need for a Dental Extraction?

Even with mother nature being responsible for the timing and angle of wisdom teeth emerging, there are things that every patient can include in their daily health routine to avoid the need for simple tooth extractions in St. Cloud, MN. The most fool-proof way is to avoid dental decay and gum disease by maintaining a preventive dental care schedule from a dentist near you in St. Cloud, such as Smile City Dental.

  • Another way to avoid the need to have dental extraction due to trauma or injury to a tooth is to ask our dental care team about mouth guards. But rather than waiting until the only option is a tooth extraction in St. Cloud, why not make an appointment today with Smile City Dental for a preventive dental exam?

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