Crown Lengthening in St. Cloud, MN

Crown lengthening is a common dental surgical procedure that involves removing or reshaping gum or bone tissue to expose more of a tooth. Crown lengthening is typically carried out when a patient requires a dental restoration such as a crown or a filling. If the exposed tooth isn’t enough to support a crown or filling, the dentist near me reshapes the gum or bone tissue, or both, to make more room for the crown or filling.

Crown lengthening may also be recommended where a patient has a gummy smile. A gummy smile is when you have too much gum tissue under your upper lip.

Smile City Dental provides crown lengthening in St. Cloud, MN. Contact us today if you’d like to transform your smile in a safe, friendly, and welcoming environment where your oral health is prioritized.

What Happens During Your Appointment?

Crown lengthening is a fairly straightforward procedure that’s conducted on an outpatient basis. During your visit, our dentist St. Cloud, MN, will carefully examine you to determine the extent of your dental issue. Depending on your unique case, our dentist may recommend dental cleaning before your crown lengthening procedure.

We utilize anesthesia to ensure your comfort and relaxation during treatment. We also offer the option of sedation for patients who struggle with dental anxiety.

After anesthesia and sedation, our dentist re-contours your gum tissue by cutting through and removing the excess tissue. In some cases, the dentist will also need to remove some of the bone tissue. Afterward, the dentist sterilizes the surgical area and sutures the gum tissue to facilitate healing. The dentist may place a bandage over the surgical area for an additional layer of protection.

The amount of time required for crown lengthening depends on the number of teeth that need lengthening, and whether our dentist is working on the gum tissue only, or both the gum and bone tissue.

The average recovery period for a lengthening procedure is three months. After this period, our dentist 56301 will need to see you again to fix your permanent restoration.

What to Expect after Crown Lengthening

You’ll experience some pain once the anesthesia wears off. Our sartell dentist will prescribe pain medication to help with this.

You must take steps to prevent infection after crown lengthening. Follow our dentist’s post-operative instructions to lower your risk of infection, including taking any prescribed antibiotics and observing proper cleaning techniques. Our dentist will recommend a mouth rinse to keep the bacteria at bay.

During the first days of your recovery period, avoid engaging in strenuous activity as this could aggravate bleeding, and inhibit healing.

If you’re in St. Cloud, MN, and interested in crown lengthening near you, call Smile City Dental today.

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