Root Canals

Root Canals in St. Cloud, MN

There are two primary reasons to perform a root canal on a tooth. There is either decay deep into the tooth or in the pulp of it, or when the tooth breaks down into the pulp. If you experience a deep break in a tooth due to an accident, then a dentist may recommend a root canal to repair your tooth.

The Process of Repairing a Broken Tooth

If you break a tooth in an accident and can see one of our dentists at Smile City Dental right away to evaluate it, he or she will likely recommend a root canal if the break goes into the pulp of the tooth. The pulp is in the middle of the tooth, and it contains nerves and blood vessels.

When a tooth is broken that severely, along with bleeding, you will be in pain if the nerves tore in two. There is also a risk that the tooth will become contaminated with bacteria that can cause tooth decay. That’s why it’s important to perform a root canal in St. Cloud as soon as possible.

Reducing the Risk of Contamination

While prepping your tooth for the root canal, our dentist’s hygienist will place a dental dam, which is a square of latex, around the tooth. This material helps to isolate the tooth for the sauk rapids dentist near me and acts as a barrier to reduce the chances that bacteria from the surrounding teeth or the mouth get into the tooth.

Also, the dam prevents debris from the work our dentist at Smile City Dental in St. Cloud is doing from getting into your mouth. Our St. Cloud dentist will drill into the tooth to ensure it is open enough for him or her to work on, and clean out the pulp and reshape the canals. After that task is complete, the dentist St. Cloud, MN will fill the tooth and please a temporary filling or onlay on it.

  • This temporary measure stays on until a crown for your tooth arrives and is cemented to what’s left of the natural tooth. Finally, the root canal is complete, and your smile looks as good as new.

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