The 5 Amazing Benefits of a Bright White Smile

The 5 Amazing Benefits of a Bright White Smile

Dec 01, 2022

How Can You Achieve a White Bright Smile?

The most effective way to achieve a bright and white smile is through professional teeth whitening in St Cloud, MN. The procedures entail bleaching teeth’ enamels to remove stains. The treatment begins when a dentist near you cleans your teeth to remove plaque and food debris. Afterward, (s)he applies the whitening products to your teeth and uses a laser to activate the bleaching process. The whiteners break down stains within a short period.

Why Is Professional Teeth Whitening the Best Solution?

Many other solutions can help you whiten your teeth. However, professional teeth whitening near you works best because of the following factors:

  1. Immediate results – you will leave the dental office with your teeth up to 4 shades whiter than the initial color. These results will not need repeated treatment throughout the week to be realized. You can achieve a brighter and whiter smile than your initial teeth’ color within one dental sitting.
  2. It is a relatively non-invasive procedure – professional teeth whitening near you do not harm your natural tooth structure.
  3. Higher concentration of whitening products than other alternatives
  4. Longer lasting results – professional teeth whitening lasts between 6 and 12 months before you need retreatment. It is longer than natural teeth whitening alternatives that last three months or less.

Other Ways to Whiten Your Teeth

Achieving a bright smile can take various forms, depending on the underlying cause of the dental discoloration. Other ways of achieving a white and bright smile are:

  1. Dental veneers – are cosmetic applications that mask underlying teeth stains from the front sides.
  2. Composite bonding – entails molding your teeth with a white resin to mask underlying flaws, including stains.
  3. At-home whitening strips – sometimes dentists can administer whitening kits to continue bleaching your teeth at home. It is necessary for patients with stubborn stains.

How to Maintain a White, Bright Smile

After your teeth whitening treatment, you must adjust your lifestyle to support your new smile. Various factors can stain teeth, including food, drinks, and medication. Some of the tips to help you maintain the brightness of your smile after teeth whitening treatment are:

  1. Quit smoking and taking alcohol
  2. Avoid sugary and acidic foods that threaten your teeth’ enamel, risking dental decay.
  3. Brush your teeth after every meal – be keener to brush your teeth after eating heavily pigmented foods. You may need to change your toothpaste for a fluoride-whitening one that can help sustain your teeth’ brightness.
  4. Cut down on your consumption of highly pigmented foods and drinks, like dark berries, red wine, coffee, and tomatoes.
  5. Visit the dentist regularly for routine dental cleanings and exams.

Must You Whiten Your Teeth?

Sometimes it beats logic to visit a dentist near me for teeth whitening. However, once you understand the benefits of having a bright, white smile, you will not downplay the role of teeth whitening services near you. Some amazing benefits of a bright white smile are:

  1. High self-confidence – you smile and talk differently when you know you have the brightest smile in the room.
  2. Good oral hygiene – generally, patients with white teeth are more likely to keep their teeth clean to preserve the brightness of their teeth.
  3. Best first impressions – whether you are willing to admit it or not, your smile plays a huge role in first impressions. It helps to create good impressions when you have a white smile.
  4. Boosting your appearance – your facial appearance is significantly tied to your smile. A bright, white smile improves your facial aesthetics, making you appear more friendly, youthful, and attractive.
  5. Access to better career opportunities – people with great smiles are more likely to attract high-quality jobs than not. The reason is that they appear more friendly, better educated, and confident for such positions.


Whichever teeth whitening solution you opt for, at Smile City, our objective is to accentuate your aesthetics by realizing the desired results. However, more than a bright smile, you need a healthy mouth. Remember to pay attention to good oral health even after your teeth whitening treatment.

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