Truth About Dental Bonding

Truth About Dental Bonding

Jun 01, 2020

What is Dental Bonding?

Tooth bonding treatment in Saint Cloud is a cosmetic procedure used to improve the appearance of your smile. It is called bonding in reference to how the procedure is performed. A resin liquid material that resembles the tooth is applied onto the tooth’s surface, sculpted, hardened and finally polished to help improve your smile. At Smile City Dental in St. Cloud, MN, we have invested in quality skills and innovative technology to support good dental health among our patients. We offer dental bonding treatment which can be completed in a single appointment. But before you can go through with the procedure, we think it is important you learn some facts about it.

Facts About Dental Bonding

  • It is Customized

The approach used in dental bonding will vary for each patient depending on the results they hope to achieve. Your St. Cloud dentist will develop a personalized treatment plan during the consultation phase based on the information you give. It is then that the shape, thicken and color of bonding will be decided upon to give you the results you want. Also, the fact that tooth bonding can be used to fix a variety of issues means that the treatment has to be flexible to adapt to patient’s needs.

  • Suitable for Both Adults and Children

Some dental procedures are very restrictive in the sense that not everyone is qualified to undergo them. However, dental bonding is a fairly simple and non-invasive procedure that can be performed on almost everyone. Both adults and children that need to improve appearance of their teeth can qualify for it provided there is no functional or structural damage to the teeth.

  • Solves a Range of Issues

This is perhaps one of the best things about dental bonding. You can use it to alter the shape, size and color of your teeth. If you have tooth flaws like stains, cracks or chips, it can cover them and give you a healthy and bright smile. Tooth bonding is also used to small gaps between teeth as an alternative to braces while the resin material can still be used fill decayed teeth.

  • It Is Reversible

If you are not ready to commit to dental veneers in Saint Cloud, we suggest that you give tooth bonding a try since it is completely reversible. This not only allows you time to adjust to the new look of your teeth but can also allow you save up for more permanent procedures.

  • A Quick Procedure

Dental bonding is an outpatient procedure that is easily completed within a single dental appointment. There is no pain or major discomfort associate with getting the procedure done. Sedation is hardly used except for unique patient cases. Your teeth will be cleaned and then you will choose the shade of the bonding resin to be applied. Once the resin is applied, it is sculpted into the desired shape and size to give you a natural and beautiful smile. A special light may be used to help harden the resin so that it firmly adheres onto the tooth’s surface.

  • It is Inexpensive

When compared to procedures like porcelain veneers and crowns, bonding is quite affordable especially if your insurance covers for part of the cost. Make sure to consult your Sauk Rapids dentist and insurance company beforehand, so that you have an idea of how much it will cost you.

  • Preserves the Tooth’s Structure

There is no interference whatsoever with the tooth’s structure. Usually, dental bonding does not require you to trim down the enamel and therefore if you reconsider getting veneers, you can certainly do so without suffering any damage to the tooth.

  • They Easily Stain

This is certainly not a good attribute but it is still important that you are aware of it. Unlike crowns and veneers, dental bonding has a high likelihood of discoloring over time since the resin material used is highly porous. To minimize staining, reduce intake of foods like tea, coffee and red wine. You will also have to quit smoking if you are looking forward to having dental bonding last long.

For any questions or concerns regarding dental care in saint cloud, visit our clinic or give us a call today.

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