What are the Benefits of Living with Dentures?

What are the Benefits of Living with Dentures?

May 01, 2021

Our teeth are, without a doubt, a crucial part of our livelihood. Not only do they help us eat, but they also play a vital role in communication and enhancing beauty. Without teeth, you can’t speak properly, and it affects the appearance of your smile, which can affect your self-confidence.

People missing a tooth or more are often not proud of their smiles, and they can do anything to prevent drawing attention to their mouths. They rarely smile, and some don’t even speak, especially in public, to avoid exposing the gaps left by lost teeth.

Luckily, you can fix missing teeth through various teeth replacement options. One of the oldest and most popular options for teeth replacement is permanent dentures near me. In this blog, we will discuss dentures’ benefits in detail to help you make an informed decision. But before that, here is the basic information you need to know about dentures:

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are a teeth replacement option that uses tooth-colored crowns fitted in gum-looking material. They are often removable, although there is an option for fixed dentures nowadays. These artificial teeth are created in your natural teeth’ shape and size in mind. Therefore, they make your smile look as natural as possible.

Dentures are available in two major types. The first option is partial dentures. This option is used for patients missing one or more teeth but still have some teeth in the mouth. The other type is called full dentures. This option is used by patients missing all teeth. Lately, there have come implant dentures, dentures fitted with dental implants. This type is sturdier, more comfortable, and more durable. However, it costs more.

When to Get Dentures?

The denture procedure is less invasive, and anyone missing a tooth or more can get a denture. If you have gaps between teeth and fail to get dentures, your teeth will start moving towards the gap, causing misalignment, affecting your smile even more.

Another sign that you might need dentures is if you struggle to eat certain foods because of cracked or broken teeth, cavities, or gum disease. If the tooth can’t be treated through root canal therapy, it is best to extract and replace it with a denture. We are here for you if you are looking for a Saint Cloud dentist.

The Benefits of Dentures

Many people associate dentures with discomfort, but dentures are now comfortable with the advancement in technology. Now, people with dentures enjoy many benefits, which include:

Restores Your Teeth’s Functionality

Your teeth need to function normally to complete basic daily activities such as eating and speaking. If you miss a few teeth, it will affect how you pronounce words, which will, in turn, affect your speech. It will also be difficult to chew food to the smallest bits, which can affect digestion. Replacing the missing teeth with dentures ensures you can chew food to the smallest bits and speak properly.

Preserves the Structure of Your Face

Your teeth play a significant role in the structure of your face. If you miss one or more teeth, your face’s structure is affected, making you look older than your age. But when you replace the missing teeth with dentures, they preserve the structure of your face.

Boosts Your Self-Confidence

Typically, people who are not proud of the appearance of their smile rarely smile. They feel embarrassed about their smile, which can affect their self-esteem and confidence. Dentures resemble your natural teeth, and they will restore your beautiful smile. Once you are proud of your smile, you will start smiling more, which can boost your self-confidence.

Dentures are Durable

If you take proper care of your dentures, they will serve you well. Averagely, dentures can last for up to seven years. The good thing is taking care of dentures is difficult. Your Sauk Rapids dentist will provide you with personalized advice on how to take care of them and recommend the right cleaning agents.


Compared to other restorative dental procedures such as implants and bridges, dentures are quite affordable. They are a good investment for your money, and they are worth every penny.

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