Wisdom Tooth Extractions: Are They Necessary?

Wisdom Tooth Extractions: Are They Necessary?

Feb 01, 2021

Your wisdom teeth emerge between 17 to 25 and are the third molars in the posterior region of your mouth. You may continue keeping the wisdom tooth if they have emerged entirely, are healthy, are positioned correctly, and pose no challenges when biting with their opposite teeth. You can clean them appropriately as part of your daily dental hygiene routine.

However, wisdom teeth have insufficient space in the mouth to erupt appropriately and begin causing problems in many cases. Emerging wisdom teeth can erupt at different angles in the jaw to remain entirely horizontal. In such cases, tooth extractions in St Cloud, MN, recommend wisdom tooth extractions because they can create many problems.

Is It Essential to Have a Wisdom Tooth Extracted?

When you receive a recommendation for wisdom tooth extractions, you are likely to ask why wisdom tooth is extracted? The following answers will convince your wisdom tooth extraction is indeed essential and a requirement:

  • Some wisdom teeth remain entirely hidden within the gums when they cannot emerge naturally. The wisdom teeth remain impacted below of gum line and within your jaw. An impacted wisdom tooth results in infections or causes a cyst damaging the tooth roots or supporting bone.
  • Wisdom teeth have the potential to emerge partially through the gums. The posterior teeth are challenging to clean, and a partially emerged wisdom tooth creates a passageway for bacteria to cause oral infections and gum disease.
  • Wisdom teeth can also crowd the neighboring teeth when they have insufficient room to emerge. In such cases, you may have crooked and misaligned teeth and issues with dental hygiene.

Extractions near you may recommend wisdom teeth removal if they are impacted. The dentist St. Cloud, MN, recommends wisdom tooth extractions at a younger age before the roots and bone have developed entirely. Wisdom tooth extractions at an early age ensure recovery is faster after a surgical process. It is why many young adults prefer having a wisdom tooth removed before it can cause any problems.

What Are the Complications of Retaining Wisdom Teeth?

The American Dental Association recommends wisdom teeth removal may become necessary if you experience changes in your mouth’s posterior regions. You may experience pain, soft tissue infections repeatedly behind the lower last tooth, and you have fluid-filled sacs and tumors coupled with damage to your neighboring teeth, gum disease, and tooth decay.

No clarity is available on why wisdom tooth removal is essential. However, it is recommended that you discuss with the dentist near you, about your wisdom tooth’s health and position and inquire about the best solution available for you in your situation.

When recommended a surgical process for wisdom tooth extractions, the one question highest in your mind is how much does a wisdom tooth extraction cost? While you are justified in considering the financial implications, you must understand various factors can vary the prices of wisdom tooth extractions. Your geographical location, the positioning of the wisdom tooth, your dentist’s experience, the anesthesia you require, and any hospitalization all have a role to play in the costs associated with wisdom tooth extractions near me. You can inquire with your dental insurers whether they cover these procedures to determine whether you can have some of the insurance company’s expenses reimbursed.

Retaining your wisdom tooth will require you to endure all the challenges described above and even easy searching for tooth decay treatments and gum disease. You may worry about the financial implications of wisdom tooth removal. However, if you consider the costs of other treatments, you will undoubtedly realize that the prices of removing wisdom teeth are indeed affordable compared to the challenges you must encounter. The realization will prepare you to have your wisdom teeth extracted to free yourself from numerous challenges and unwanted expenditures.

Your last molars aren’t beneficial when eating, speaking, or smiling. They are a living testimony of problems in your mouth. When they combine forces with bacteria, they create havoc in your mouth, making you believe you are better off without them. The understanding helps you determine that you must undergo the surgical procedure for the extraction instead of enduring the pain or discomfort and the misery following your wise teeth for no fault of yours.

If recommended wisdom teeth removal, please undergo the process to free yourself from unwanted problems and expenditure.

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